TACD Nutrition: 8 Week Results (down 10kilos)

TACD Nutrition: 8 Week Results (down 10kilos)

I’m smaller,

I think I’m a bit quicker, I know I am fitter, I am stronger – both in mind and body.  But I am not dieting.

Mainly because for the last eight weeks I have been working with the new nutrition company, TACD Nutrition, looking at my lifestyle, diet and nutrition.

Regular readers will know I battle with my waistline and the impact of it emotionally on mental wellbeing.

This year, I have fought a real battle with myself, to come to terms with the fact that people’s perceptions of me are not based on my physical size.  Before I could even start to think about changing myself, I had to learn that happiness is something you are, not a dress size.

Once that happy union finally clicked in my mind, I could then start to address how I felt about myself.

The truth is, I feel awesome when I am running with the kids and not bent over double trying to catch my breath.  I feel flipping fantastic when I don’t wake up groggy after the previous nights two (large) glasses of wine.  I love going to the gym and not thinking I am going to die mid way through a work out because my whole body is protesting because it is running on completely the wrong fuel.

Hence why, when TACD Nutrition asked if I wanted to review their new nutrition plan, rather than signing up for yet another weight loss group, I jumped at the chance.

Not Dieting, #macros #weightloss #healthyeating

TACD Nutrition have fantastic experience in working with people who are looking to improve their performance in the gym, enhance their nutrition, and become leaner as a result.

They are not a weight loss group.

In fact their mantra is that they offer a lifestyle solution, rather than a short term fix.

Which massively appeals to me, because lets be honest, I have tried them all.  Slimming World, Weight Watchers, Paleo, eating dust, 12oo calorie diets, 5/2….

The list is endless, and the ultimate conclusion is the same – I lose weight, and then gain it again.

Because I need a lifestyle plan, one that will allow me a biscuit if I want one, or god forbid a piece of the kids advent calendar when they are foolish enough to not eat it first thing!

Let me explain to you how my mind works (and I suspect the mind of many women whose waistline fluctuates).

I have good days….

Then I have bad days…..

A good day would be one where I feel my stomach trying to eat itself because my calorie intake is so low, a bad day would be one where I start the day off with something “bad” and then spend the rest of the day consuming the contents of the fridge and the cookie jar to spite myself.

I have become bored of living this way.

So eight weeks ago, I started a plan that involves eating whatever I want as long as I ate enough calories and not too many, and that I ate the right amount of protein/carbs/fat in my diet.

When I started the plan, I was sent a breakdown that involved eating 2,400 calories a day, looking at 40% protein, 30% fat and 30% carbs.

To say I was dubious was an understatement.  2,400 calories!!!!

The food guide was easy to follow, I could eat anything and hit those numbers, but if I was looking to make my insides feel as good as my outsides, eating healthy and clean was probably a better option.

A typical day would look like this:

Bacon medallions, eggs and beans for breakfast

Protein shake made with banana and peanut butter for mid morning snack

BBQ steamed chicken, rice and veg for lunch

Chicken chasseur with green beans and broccoli for tea

Pork loin steak with spinach for a snack

Small bar of Lindt dark chocolate

Protein shake for bedtime

I hate feeling hungry, so my stomach has been doing happy dances for the last two months.

It doesn’t get time to be hungry because I am feeding it again.

With some of my favourite foods!

I have burgers, pizza, steak – all created in a way that radiate my insides and power me in the gym.

If I ever do dive into the biscuit barrel, it isn’t the end of the day, I simply track it, and move on.  This works so much better for me mentally.

The team at TACD require me to check in weekly with photos, weight and inches.  Plus they are on hand for support pretty much all the time, with a great Facebook group, email contact and calls.

I spoke a lot to them in the first two weeks!  (Alot!)

In 8 weeks I have learnt so much, I am not dieting but I am losing weight, I am eat more than ever before and suddenly I can pull my own body weight over the bar. I don’t crave wine of an evening because I am looking forward to the next days workout.

My clothes don’t fit anymore, mainly because I have dropped two dress sizes.  The scales don’t dominate me, because I can see the difference, I don’t have a target weight – because I am looking to achieve more than a number on the scales, I want to be able to lift more, run faster, be more gymnast than sloth.  Plus I am pretty certain TACD will guide me when it is time to stop losing and start maintaining at a level that works.

They are accepting new members from January.

If you want to know more, no matter what you currently do, drop them an email – they are a really lovely bunch: TACDnutrition@theathletecentre.com

If you want to see the proof, the obligatory knicker shot is below, as cringeworthy as it makes me feel.

Please note, picture one does not distress me – I was happy (as well as bloated), but picture 2 reflects a little bit more of how I feel inside….

Losing 10kg after counting macros #notdieting #cleaneating #crossfit

Disclaimer: I am reviewing TACD Nutrition as part of an ongoing contract, all thoughts, opinions and photos are my own!










  1. November 30, 2017 / 2:44 pm

    Wow, what a difference. You should be so proud of your progress so far. Well done you xx

  2. November 30, 2017 / 3:06 pm

    You look amazing Jane, well done. I too struggle with emotional eating (as you may have seen) so this was fascinating. Keep (chin) up the good work!

  3. December 17, 2017 / 3:25 pm

    Wow, 8 weeks and a really noticable progress. Congratulations! I wish I could do such a progress in 8 weeks as well, it’s usually pretty hard for me to lose any weight, doesn’t matter how much I’m trying, but I don’t give up 😛

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