Keeping fit over the festive period

Keeping fit over the festive period

I have spent the last 6 weeks trying to address my approach to food and nutrition.

It seems to have been working, but a major hiccup is about to come my way.

The fat man in red is on his way.

And usually he likes to bring me a few extra pounds of body fat in his sack to help boost his own body confidence issues.

This year I am refusing his gifts…

Posting the back return to sender.

They are not welcome here.

I don’t want to spend January trying to remove copious amounts of Terry’s Chocolate Orange from my thighs.

So I have a plan….

Northernmum’s Top Tips to keep fit not get fat over the festive period…

  1. Sew up your gob – this one is going to take some commitment and possibly a wee bit of pain, but for those of us truly dedicated to staying slim over Christmas it is simply a must do.  Don’t forget to leave a gap for a straw so you can have a drink.

For the committed – step one is enough…

For those of you with less commitment  – please read on…

2. Fake it till you make it:  I am talking booze here people.  With my recent descent into getting lean, it has also caused me to go through a painful separation process with my best friend Prosecco.

However through December, Prosecco will make every attempt to win me back.  So I have already set a plan in place for Prosecco to think I am involved with someone else.


Frequently I have a beer in my hand.


The genius behind this plan is it is alcohol free – I am faking it, and my body seems to respond well to this, and the cravings for Prosecco seem to dissipate when I have my friend Becks Blu in hand.

3. Plan to succeed not to fail – knowing Christmas is coming is not an excuse to pull out the stretchy leggings and dive into a box of Cadbury’s Celebration.  Know the temptations that are coming your way and plan to enjoy them rather than over indulge.

This is what could happen if you over indulge….

Have a glass of wine, eat a mince-pie, have a chocolate.  Just don’t do it all on the same day, and have multiple of each.

Life should be about enjoyment not restricting yourself, so plan it in.

4. Drink – Again, not Prosecco – all the time…

Chuck some water into the mix, it is one of life’s little miracles – makes you feel awesome from the inside out.  Keep glugging it rather than eating all the Christmas cake!


5.  Exercise  – Because it makes you feel good.  Do it in a Santa’s hat to keep in line with the season, don’t let December become a month that you don’t have time to give your body something to do.  Wrapping presents is not a work out, nor is walking to the pub.  It is an hour a day – the more you burn, the more calories you earn!

In my experience, the more you think about denial, the more you will crave.  Keeping up your fitness and enjoying Christmas will make you feel better in January…

Or when in doubt – sew up your gob…..


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