HP Sprocket Bundle: This years perfect Christmas Gift #AD

I take it you have written your Christmas gift list?

I know I have….

It took a while.

When all the kids were little and my friends children were little, it was simple.  We nipped out to the shop and came home armed with fluffy toys, musical playmates and books.

Then they grew old.

And became flipping fussy.

I am the proud owner of a tween girl, a teenage niece and a 21-year-old god-daughter.

These three cause me to grow an extra wrinkle every year trying to decide what to get them.

But Stop The Press: This year is nailed!

Potentially for all three……….

Because although there is a ten year age gap between them in total, they all have similarities….

  • They all own a phone
  • They all have popular Instagram accounts
  • They all have a great social group of friends
  • They all love taking photos…

Because of these four common denominators, I have found the perfect gift.

HP Sprocket Bundle

The HP Sprocket Photo Printer Bundle is a perfect gift for anyone who wants to see their photos off their phone.  Put simply it is a pocket-sized printer, which allows you to print off your photos at anytime, anyplace.  This tiny printer gives you instant access to your perfect moments, letting you take them offline instantly.

Using the power of  Bluetooth, you simply connect the printer to your device and it will print your special moments in just seconds.   Plus, you can get creative, by downloading the HP Sprocket app you can edit your images as you see fit, with some fun emojis, frames and filters.

You can print from Instagram, Facebook or your camera roll, and you can use sticky photos, so once you have printed, you can stick them anywhere you like!

It is the perfect gift, as you are giving someone a chance to make their memories tangible, sharing special moments and letting them live on, outside of the phone!#

And it is tiny!  Meaning you can take it on all your adventures!

As someone who loves photographs, and has passed that love on to my daughter – I can’t think of anything better to give her.

The bundle comes complete with a wallet, photo album, customizable skin and of course, the sprocket itself – making if a gift that is ready to go and perfect to give.

You can learn more on the HP Sprocket learn more page, and you can take advantage of Black Friday to pick up some cracking deals on the bundle.

Happy Shopping



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