8 Things all Self Employed Home workers will understand

8 Things all Self Employed Home workers will understand
  1. No one thinks you have a real job….

Honestly, your parents will always rapidly change topic when asked what you do, when it comes to filling in a form with your occupation – it may even confuse yourself.

Your neighbours think you are a benefit cheat who is committed to keeping Jeremy Kyle on the television.


2.  Your co workers are delivery men

MyHermes, DHL, Amazon, and Royal Mail are all close friends.  As you work from home, you are also in the fortunate position that you can collect the rest of the streets packages.

December is barely worth working because of the amount of times you need to answer the door to cope with Mrs Browns Christmas list from number 54.

3. Your Christmas Party sucks

Especially if the delivery chaps are busy that night…


4. The Office Dress code is slack….

You can work naked if you like.

However, you may find relationships strained with the delivery chaps should you choose to do so.


5. Your FitBit thinks you have died….

Hours can go by without you moving more.  The FitBit eventually gets bored with asking you to get up and stretch; you know the day will come when the message, are you Dead, will vibrate across your screen.

6. Your dog knows you have a real job…

It is walking her, and gosh darn it, you will see how much you are letting the team down in your next appraisal…


7. Work/life balance?

You don’t understand that statement.  You work when work comes in, you stop when it is done, then you pitch for more.

8. Sick Days?

Unless a limb falls off you are working.

No one pays you when you stop.

Same goes for holidays and weekends…..

Got a stomach issue?  Guess you are working from the bathroom today…



What did I miss?

(Extra points if you can find a GIF to match!)


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  1. November 21, 2017 / 8:44 am

    My parents are forever phoning me and popping round! Then as they leave they’ll say ‘Have you got much work?’. Er – yes, I’m supposed to be doing it now!
    (I’m not a work at home blogger, I’m a freelance writer, but pretty much everything is the same apart from I don’t get any deliveries for myself. Plenty for the neighbours though )

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