And so it begins: The Christmas Count Down

And so it begins: The Christmas Count Down

It is officially October!

I know this because suddenly as the leaves drop from the trees, and the air claims a chill, simultaneously my three off spring start declaring what they would like the big man to bring them for Christmas…

Ironic really, since the older two spend most of the year defying the man in reds existence, claiming that I am really a man who likes to dress in men’s clothing and slide down chimneys for fun.

But suddenly as the stores start to fill with decorations and ideas for gifts, they turn from staunch anti believers into the camp of “he’s real, he’s real.”

Because Christmas is so much better if you believe in magic.

The dinner, the visits from family, the snow (hopefully), the singing and the toys…

The kids have always been mystified by how toys from Santa’s workshop have come packaged with tags on.

It has taken creative explaining on my part – mainly a long old story about Santa getting a great deal on a credit card and sending the elves out on a shopping spree to Smyths Toys.  Just like I can’t be expected to make everyone’s beds in the morning, Father Christmas can’t make every single toy – that man needs help.

This week we started the internal discussions about Christmas…

I must admit – I am simply clueless about what is ‘in’ right now; what are the hot toys to have, and what will be flying off the shelves before December starts.

Luckily Smyths Toys have got mine (and Santa’s) back.

They have just released their top toys list for this Christmas.  Sinead Byrne, Joint Head of Marketing at Smyths Toys shared her thoughts on Smyths Toys Superstores top toys selection this year;

“We are excited about our unique selection of this year’s hottest toys. In addition to some familiar classiscs including LEGO, NERF and Our Generation, it is great to see some new innovative products feature this year such as Cosmo from Anki and Tyler the Playful Tiger.”

Thanks goodness LEGO is still cool!

The list has given me some great ideas for my trio – a drone was already up there, but now I know the Sky Viper Stunt Drone is the one to have.  And I am going to get the Toilet Trouble game for the kids – but really we all know it is a present for myself.

And how cool is this fella: Cozmo by Anki!

I am steering the kids towards him, so someone will add to their list!

In our house it is never too early to talk about Christmas, and I love to get in front of my gift buying, so having a heads up on what is cool currently is an enormous help!


Thanks Smyths!


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