The World’s Remotest Vacation Destinations (And How To Cope)

The World’s Remotest Vacation Destinations (And How To Cope)

When some people say they want to get away from it all, they literally mean it – not only getting away from work but most of human civilization too. Thanks to the growing tourism industry, finding somewhere truly remote is becoming harder. But there are still pockets of this beautiful blue orb we call home that are free from buildings, cars and the general hubbub of humanity. These are the real wild resorts.

Maui And The Hawaiian Frontier

The town of Hana sits right along Maui’s rugged coast, looking out over the Pacific. It’s just about the most tranquil, peaceful place on Earth, and the weather’s not bad either. It takes about three hours to get to the town of Hana which, thanks to its isolation, remains steeped in Hawaiian tradition.You’ll find locals wearing luaus, and many don’t bother putting on shoes.


The good thing, though, is that there is a tourist industry here of sorts. One of the local resorts, the Travaasa Hana, was voted the best in all of Hawaii – not bad for an area renowned for its hospitality.

The Hawaiian frontier is isolated, but it’s not completely cut off. There’s still civilization here, as well as phone signal, allowing you to use your photo postcard app to send a letter home. But don’t expect much. The reason this place made it onto this list was because it is so traditional: things haven’t changed for more than fifty years.

The Belize Jungle

Belize is a small nation in mainland central America. Once a British colony, it’s since become a regional tourist hub. Right in the middle of this tropical quasi-paradise is the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve in the West of the country. Here you’ll find cascading waterfalls, stunning lakes and plenty of places for base jumping.


The Forest Reserve is also extremely exclusive. There are no roads into the interior of Belize. It’s a wild country, and the only way to access the park is to hop on a private jet and fly to one of the inland airstrips.

Incredibly, you’re not on your own when you arrive there. There’s a lodge in the middle of the forest called Blancaneaux. It was set up by the Hollywood director Francis Ford Coppola and serves as a place for true relaxation and rejuvenation, well away from the paparazzi.

Easter Island

Perhaps the most famous remote location in the world is easter Island. This incredible place located in the south Pacific was once home to an ancient tribe is now all but deserted – or at least it was before tourists discovered how isolated it was. Easter Island is more than 1,500 miles from the Chilean coast. It’s also 1,300 miles from the nearest human population on Pitcairn Island.

If you want to go to the island, you’ll first have to fly to Santiago or Tahiti in Chile and then hop on a five-hour flight to reach the island. Once there, you’ll find some of the most stunning, all-inclusive resorts in the world, including the famous Explora Rapa Nui, one of the most eco-friendly tourist destination in the world. Here there’s a bar, a jacuzzi and a pool and a menu that’s packed with food local to Chile.

Botswana Game Reserve

Wikimedia Commons

Botswana is a vast, landlocked country just north of South Africa. The country was largely ignored by European colonists, thanks to the poor quality of the land, and so the country never really developed or became populous like the more fertile countries around it. Botswana is still very much a wilderness outside of the main cities, making it one of those rare places where you really can get away from it all.

Right in the heart of the country is Mombo Camp in the Moremi Game Reserve. If you love animals, this is the place to be. The reserve is home to more than a dozen large species. Make sure to take your camera with you if you travel here. And don’t forget to visit the bar and the dining area at the camp. Just be warned, there’s no network coverage as yet, so if you need to communicate with anybody, you may have to travel off the reserve.

Chiang Rai In Thailand



Thailand has always been a remote country with a massive, tropical interior. And right in the middle of it is one of the most remote “glamping” destinations in the world near Chiang Rai. The campsite, known as the Four Seasons Golden Triangle, is an all-inclusive package, right in the heart of the rainforest.

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