Review: So Shape – 10 inches in 5 days #ad

Review: So Shape – 10 inches in 5 days #ad

Sometimes you just need a kick-start.

After a summer of excess and adventures, of lovely long nights sitting by a BBQ with a glass of wine in hand and a burger talking to me, I knew my body needed a bit of  a shock back into reality.

Whilst I don’t want to know what the scales say, I do want to feel healthy inside and out.

Which is why I said yes when So Shape asked if I wanted to review their 5 day reboot challenge.

I am very wary of diets, in my experience they don’t work, and this constant pressure on women to be a certain dress size upsets me.  I don’t want my children to grow up thinking their worth is dictated by their weight.

Healthy – yes

Happy – yes

Obsessed by the scales – no way.

Upon speaking with So Shape, I explained that I merely wanted to feel better in myself, cut out the sugar and not replace it with rubbish.

And they explained how the reboot works…

5 days, one shake for breakfast, one for dinner and an open lunch.

My concern immediately was that if I didn’t have an enormous lunch I would be eating less than a 1000 kcal a day, as each shake contains around 200 calories.  But snacks are allowed in the reboot, in the form of:

All food that I know makes my insides feel all happy.

A typical day on my 5 day reboot challenge….

Breakfast: Gluten Free Chocolate Shake

Lots of water, simple but effective.

Lunch: Steak with blue cheese, sweet potato, huge salad.

Snack: Chicken with roasted veg

Dinner: So Shake Pesto Pasta

Snack: Prawns (I love prawns) followed by an Alpro Yoghurt.

All in all around 1500 calories,  on the days I trained, I increased my meat and carbs to ensure I was eating around 1850 calories.  You could try something like So Shape and try to exist on a tiny amount of calories, which as we all know means you will just feel shattered, as our bodies need fuel.  Done sensibly, you can still shed weight and eat well.

The point for me was to reboot my system, cut out the rubbish and feel amazing.

Did it work?

For me, yes, 100%.

My energy levels went sky-high, it was like giving my insides a deep clean.  The sugar cravings disappeared after 48 hours and everything I ate was delicious.  Knowing I was on a reboot meant mentally I stuck to it, feeling great meant I wanted to stick to it.

I didn’t weigh myself at the start as that is inconsequential to me.  However I did get out my tape measure on day one and day six, turns out I lost 10 inches in total – not a bad side effect.

Ten days on, the food on my plate is still healthy, and the inches have stayed off.

Not Dieting

Please don’t read this as a wonder diet, it isn’t.  It is a way to eat delicious food, and re train your mind after a period of excess.  Please don’t read this and think, this could make me slim and beautiful – because the odds are you are already beautiful.

Read this, and try this if you feel sluggish, addicted to junk food and ready for a change, because in my opinion, the challenge will give you the start.

Hopefully this is the beginning of my journey to a life free of weight neurosis and a happy, positive life that starts with a healthy tummy.


If you fancy trying So Shape you can use the promotional code: CUSTOMNORTHERNMUM and enjoy twice as many flavours with the custom option included on the 14 and 28-day challenge.

For more details on So Shape and their different challenges please visit their website:, I was asked to give my opinion on the So Shape 5 day reboot, all opinions are my own, for questions about the range please contact So Shape.  This post shares my experience on So Shape and is not a guarentee of your own experience. Everybody’s body is different, so results will differ.

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