The Easiest Ways To Replace Your Worst Eating Habits

The Easiest Ways To Replace Your Worst Eating Habits

Whether you’re training for an event, trying to fit a bikini, or just hoping to introduce some healthier habits to your life, changing the worst of your dietary habits is always a good decision. But it’s also one of the hardest ones. If you do it wrong, it feels like you’re dragging your body along with you, with it trying to resist you every step of the way. Being more conscious not only of what you eat but how you replace cravings is a much more conscientious approach to eating better.

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Suppress your appetite

Feeling hungry isn’t fun. Not one bit. The more we feel those physical hunger pangs, the more likely we are to slip and take a little something extra. While we should forgive ourselves for our mistakes and move on, we can also make efforts to stop them from happening. Small, calorie-free minty treats or mint-flavoured gum is well known to suppress hunger. Similarly, eating mindfully and slowly, taking your time to chew your solid foods, can make it feel like the body’s eating much more than it really is, making you feel full sooner.

Keep it simple, stupid

One of the biggest problems people have with eating healthy is the work that goes into it. It’s so much easier to just throw something in the microwave than to prepare a whole meal. But you can take the effort out of some of the day at least with meal replacements from places like Shake That Weight. Otherwise, think about preparing meals first thing in the day, when you’re still feeling energetic, as opposed to the evening, where tiredness and the tolls of a hard day can make you more susceptible to the easy option.

Eat cleaner

It’s a good idea to try to keep processed foods out of your cupboards and fridge as much as possible. Be sure to read the labels out of supposedly healthy meals. Just because they’re “low fat” doesn’t mean that they’re not high in other things like sugar which are actually much worse for you. Clean eating can be much cheaper than using processed foods, too, so long as you have a meal plan that makes smart use of the ingredients you buy.

Know your weaknesses

We all stumble at some point. As mentioned, it’s not worth beating yourself up over it. However, it is worth paying attention to it. As Weight Loss Resources states, keeping a food diary can make it much easier to see those little treats that are actually a more serious habit than you might have thought. Measuring your progress each day and keeping yourself accountable is going to make you more motivated to eat in a way that reflects positively in your diary. Every time you see a good day, you’ll feel that little swelling of pride to keep you going.

It’s a good idea to have a goal with any change you’re trying to make. Whether it’s reaching a certain weight, trying to improve how you feel, or just keeping track of the healthy changes you’re making. Seeing your progress can give you the motivation that helps you fight temptation.


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