Coming home….

Coming home….

We are home.

For the sixth year in a row, we are suddenly back in the beauty of Crantock, Cornwall at the perfect Trevella Park.

I never wanted to be one of those people who always holidayed in the same place, but Crantock calls me like nowhere on earth, and Trevella offers everything I need for my family.  From parks to play in to pools to swim in and a cafe selling Prosecco and an abundance of friends.

Cornish Toes

Last night, three families, who met in this place, all snuggled around a dying BBQ for warmth as the kids set up the 2017 stage for Trevella’s Got Talent.

Us adults pretended not to be interested in performing, we all know by day 13 we will be stars.

It felt like a year had passed in minutes, and it was amazing.  Good friends, great food, and a real sense of comfort.

I feel blissfully happy.

The wind howled around the tent, but still we slept like babies.

Saturday started with rain, but has quickly turned to sun.

The dog has settled in with a huge labrador grin.

The pace is slow and settled with many an adventure planned.

I can’t wait.


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