Why I want to visit Kefalonia…

Why I want to visit Kefalonia…

We all have places on our ‘must go’ list, and mine seems to be endless.

I have it broken down into places I want to go alone, places I want to go with kids, and places I may want to go if I ever nab myself a fella.

I am keen to take the kids during the holidays to Kefalonia, like many people I fell in love with the place when I became enchanted by Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.

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When you read about Kefalonia you can only fall a little bit more head over heels.   The island is renown for crystal clear waters, good wines, and sea turtles!  What more do you want?

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For the kids?

Did I mention there are turtles?

You can take the kids to Argostoli Bay, where the Loggerhead turtles live.  If that isn’t fun enough, you can jump on a horse or a donkey trek.

The beauty of the island will capture the grown ups eye, whilst the children will see it as a sunny playground.

The food…

Food is seriously important when I go on holiday, I love to immerse myself in the culture of the land by tasting it.  By reputation the food in Kefalonia is to die for!

Typical food in Kefalonia is a meat pie, a baked pastry stuffed with mutton, pork and beef, plus onions, garlic, potatoes, rice, spices and tomato.   The local honey has a world wide reptuation, and of course Kefalonia is an island, so get pepared for some lush fresh fish!

More reasons to go…

The list is endless,

You can snorkel, visit beach after beach.  Argostoli, the capital, can satisfy those with nightlife urges, with clubs which stay open till dawn.  If you head out to Fiscardo, you can see the history that stretches out before the devastating earthquake of 1953.  The cave lake of Melissani is reported to be one of the most amazing sights of Kefalonia and if you want to really explore, pack your hiking books and get hiking up Ainos – the peak that reaches over 1600 metres.

So much to do!

The kids will love it (especially the hiking…)

Is there anywhere you really want to go?


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