Lottery Horror Stories: Keep Your Friends Close or Shakespeare’s Tragedy

Lottery Horror Stories: Keep Your Friends Close or Shakespeare’s Tragedy

I have taken to playing the lottery of late – but this tale has made me wonder!!!  

Is a win worth a curse – let me know?

(I think it could be :))

Some time ago, people coined a term known as the “curse of the lottery winner”. The term is used to describe the fact that many lottery millionaires have ended up quite unhappy or with broken relationships after becoming richer.

The Making of a Murder

In November 2006, Abraham bought a lottery ticket from a convenience store in Florida’s Frostproof. This made him 17 million dollars richer.

As a result of winning, Abraham Lee Shakespeare left his old and modest neighborhood to move into a gated community. The splurge in the million-dollar home was his biggest acquisition. Other than that, Abraham refrained from spending his money foolishly.

In the beginning of November 2009, Abraham’s family reported him missing.  After an extensive investigation, police found the body of Abraham hidden underneath piles of dirt under a concrete slab. The year was 2010. He was aged 42 at the time of his death. The prime suspect for the murder of the lottery millionaire was Dorice Moore, often called Dee Dee.

Dee Dee Moore: More than a Business Partner

Dee Dee Moore was Abraham’s “friend” and business partner. Her original story after the disappearance of the millionaire was that she was the one to help him leave the country because people were constantly asking him for money.

The two of them set up a company and Dorice was in charge of the financial operations. She convinced him that she was quite experienced in business and that she could protect his millions. Before the disappearance of Abraham, Dee Dee had gotten herself in trouble for taking one million dollars of company funds and buying luxury cars with them and an expensive vacation at the company’s expense, as well.

Moore was taken into custody on February 2, 2010. Investigators had found out by then that Abraham had died on April 6 or 7 – immediately after his disappearance. After Abraham’s disappearance, Dee Dee moved into his house. She even used his phone to send messages to close friends, keeping up the lie that Abraham was alive and in another country.

Friends became even more suspicious because Abraham was illiterate. It would have been a bit challenging for him to send friends text messages. Dee Dee was looking for someone ready to take the blame for Abraham’s murder. She offered 50,000 dollars initially, but the sum went up to 200,000 dollars eventually.

Dorice Moore was sentenced for first-degree murder on December 10 2012. She was sentenced to life imprisonment without a parole possibility in the future.

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But I’m Innocent!

Dee Dee insists she didn’t commit the grave act. She appeared on a popular BBC documentary called Women Who Kill. In the documentary, Dee Dee insisted that she wasn’t a manipulator and that she hadn’t killed her business partner.

Dee Dee told one undercover agent that she knew the location of Abraham’s body. Dee Dee, however, insists that she was being manipulated by the policeman.

Police officers describe Dee Dee as incredibly arrogant till present day. She’s been profiled as a pathological liar.


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