Dentists: The fear is real

Dentists: The fear is real

Life is painful at the moment.

And I mean painful…

Currently I am sponsored by Nurofen and paracetamol, I take them every two hours except through the night when I wait to be awoken by a burning pain in my jaw.

By burning, I mean, it feels like a tiny team of ant like men have taken up residence in my mouth and trying to dig through my tooth and gum right down to my knickers, they are armed with spiked pitchforks laced with poison.

My mouth is a sad place to be.

I broke a tooth.

Quite a while ago now, it crumbled into some bar snacks that I was (up until that point) really enjoying as I sipped a beer in Rome watching the sunset.

I need to go to the dentist.

But the thing is, I am terrified.

My old dentist (remember the fella who heard Clive climax as he gave me a root canal?) was a lovely chap who spent 20 minutes counselling me before he even attempted to put anything inside my mouth.  He is based in the South, I live in Yorkshire, our paths look unlikely to cross again.

I need to find a new man (in all areas of my life.)

I have googled everywhere trying to replace him, from local firms on the NHS to private dentists in Halifax; but yet I am still to make an appointment.

Is pain worth living with over facing your fears?

To me it doesn’t seem irrational.  Giving up your gums to the dentist is handing over control of my mouth.  I have issues with that.

Plus the pain side doesn’t help – although I am experiencing that already…..

Readers I need help:  quite frankly this is only going to get worse…

Top tips please, here or on Facebook – how the hell do I stop my dentist fear?


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  1. Sara
    July 6, 2017 / 2:02 pm

    I have just had my first ever filling. I needed a sedative to get me in the chair. I am not scared of the dentist, but of the needle… I wouldn’t have even sat in the chair without the sedative calming me down…

  2. Nikki Hayes
    July 7, 2017 / 10:20 am

    I’m terrified of the dentist and needlephobic so I’m inclined to put up with the pain almost all the time when I get a toothache. The way I look at it is its usually nerve pain (unless you have an abcess in which case you need antibiotics which you may be able to get from your GP rather than a dentist) and exposed nerves usually die within a few days (years of experience has taught me this). However my lifelong fear of the dentist has meant me having to have most of my teeth out and wearing dentures in my 40s – this involved a referral to the local dental hospital to have the treatment under conscious sedation. This might be an option for you if you need an extraction but they don’t usually do basic treatment like fillings. My best advice is be clear with the dental practise that you are a nervous patient – they often have dentists who are particularly good with us panicky types :o)

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