Child Benefit – Do you know the facts?

Child Benefit – Do you know the facts?

It wouldn’t take a genius to work out that as a single mum to three, who is part time, and self employed, I am entitled to certain benefits.

I’m not sure I like the word entitled.

To be honest some months, without child benefit etc, it could be a struggle.  This blog has opened up some amazing opportunities to us as a family, but these opportunities whilst being cost-free, don’t pay the bills.  So my kids are lucky to go on some serious adventures, but I also need to work and it can be pretty tough trying to raise three kids on your own, certainly when they like to hang out at the NHS on a frequent basis.

Despite trying, I ain’t getting close to that £50,000 income yet, so as a family we remain eligible to claim child benefit.  As the Money Advice Service reveals, it is almost £1800 a year for a family of three.

Recent adventures at Manchester Tree Tops!

What we use child benefit for?

First comes life, then treats in this house.

So before any adventures are taken, the bills are paid, food is accounted for, and then extras are introduced.

This month extras will come in the form of school uniform, with twins about to start secondary, a whole new wardrobe is required, and it doesn’t come cheap.

So I strongly suspect that once the normal outgoings are accounted for, my benefit pennies will go towards some of the cost of the uniform, which is currently looking to be around £400 – ouch!

Last day of this uniform!

Changes to Child Benefit

It was a few years ago now that child benefit changed and introduced the ruling that if you or your partner earn over £50,000 you will have to pay some back in the form of income tax, and if either of you earn over £60,000 it all has to be paid back.

The mind still boggles that you can have two people earning £49,999 each in a house and be able to claim, but a family with one income of £50,001 and another non working parent earning nothing have to pay money back.

But I don’t make the rules….

But – really?

Anyway, the confusion about child benefit has left lots of people wary of claiming, but not claiming can affect your state pension, national insurance credits and even can confuse your child from being issued with a NI number at 16.

It is worth researching the facts.

Because, honestly – every little helps!



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