Basic Essentials for taking kids to Festivals

Basic Essentials for taking kids to Festivals

Glastonbury has been and gone, and didn’t it look amazing!

It reminded me again, that it is time to get my thinking cap on and look into taking the kids to another festival, as I am a firm believer that it is serious fun for all the family.

Ironically as I browsed through Google, Travelodge pinged a relevant email into my inbox, they have come up with a pretty handy tool to work out what your family’s festival personality is. And, it’s pretty accurate too.

Try it out and then read on to see what you need to pack to ensure everyone has a great festival adventure.

Family Festivals Packing Essentials

Most festivals have family areas – which are a little bit quieter which extra facilities including baby change etc.  Head for this and bring your gear…

You will need:

A tent! – If like me, you are flying solo, ensure it is a tent easy to erect alone and not too heavy to carry.  If your kids are not big enough to help carry you may want to invest in a camping trolly to help you get from the car to the field.

A large rucksack, puts all the clothes in one place and leaves your hands free to ferry along children.

Decent sleeping bags – usually when we camp we take duvets, but it is impossible to carry these plus everything else at a festival, so we get some warm togged bags to snuggle up tight in.

Plastic backed picnic blanket.

Check ours out! – we got this amazing one from personalisedblankets, who offer a range of picnic blankets, towels, cushions etc which you can design yourself, or get one of their funky versions.

Once you have spent all day at the festival, you can come home to a warm floor in the tent, and a handy game of Twister!  This picnic blanket is definitely my new favourite thing!

Wellies, Umbrellas, and suncream – because the one thing you can rely on to be unreliable in Britain is the weather.

Camping Loo – You will need a bucket with a lid, some bin bags and cat litter – viola! a toilet to be proud off.

First Aid Kit  – Just in case, plus extra hand gel and tissues are always at the top of my list!

These are the basics, please feel free to add any more!

Happy festival times – let me know which one the Travelodge picks out for you!


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