Review: Treetop Trek Manchester

Review: Treetop Trek Manchester

I gripped the rope hard in my hand, my knuckles were white, my breathing laboured.

The floor, whilst possibly only 15 feet below me, seemed to be a million miles away.  My over fed, slightly bulging stomach wobbled in anticipation.

Once again I looked at the rope in my hand, connected by a series of pulleys to another rope, and another.

Again, I questioned, could the rope carry me and my full English breakfast all the way to the next tree platform.

My children, too young to really understand fear, called to me from afar.

C’mon Mummy,

I’d like to think it was encouragement I heard through the trees, but my youngest gave the game away with an impatient stamp of her feet, as she indicated I was holding up the family.

With my heart in my mouth, and my knickers wedged firmly up my ass by my harness, I went for it.

39, fat lass flying, through the air, powered by rope, like Tarzan through the trees.

Then I landed, with an undignified splat against a green rubber mat.

Back on high ground, with only 23 more zip wires to tackle, not to mention 35 more obstacles….

Ladies and gentleman, this weekend I was invited to review the new Treetop Trek in Heaton Park, Manchester, and I survived…..

The Treetop Trek has been open for a matter of days, and offers a Zip Trek, and a mini trek.  Allow 2-3 hours for the first, and 1-2 for the latter.  You need to be over 7 for the Zip Trek, my youngest has just turned 7, and in her own words…

I smashed it – Libby-Sue, aged 7

The obstacles include swinging bridges, moving logs, and balance bars.

My three small people tore through them, as I cautiously stepped from one to the next whilst making my peace with God.  I foolishly listened to my oldest daughter who recommended I try to jump and obstacle, this merely left me stranded mid-air, with a crowd of people below, thank christ I go to the gym or I could still be hanging…

(That’s not strictly true – as the course has some ace instructors dotted around who ensure if you do get stranded they can get you started again – pride prevented me from crying out for help!)

It was so much fun!  As soon as we ended, and I had finished kissing the ground, the kids asked to go again.  They loved every second, proving they really are little monkeys!  Safety is paramount, and despite being terrified, at no point did I feel unsafe – and if you asked me nicely, I would definitely go again!


Full price details can be found on the website:, pre-booking is advised.




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