Making a three bed terrace a four bed home.

Making a three bed terrace a four bed home.

I love my house, I think most people would describe it as very me….

It is slightly chaotic, bursting at the seams with stuff, but at the same time, it is cosy and cottage like, and I feel I can grow old in this house.

I often joke it is the perfect size for one.

But of course we are four…

Plus the dog and three cats…

The kids are craving their own room.  The girls have five years between them and I can see their point when they say they don’t want to share through their teenage years.

But I don’t want to move house and leave my home.

I have recently ‘done up’ the garden.  Before this torrential downpour started I have being enjoying the fruits of my labour, and it was on a sunny evening last week, sitting out on the decking, that my friend came up with a genius idea.

I have a room that I rarely use.

My room of no requirements.

Which I am going to convert into my new bedroom.

The kids are evicting me downstairs…

It isn’t ideal – but I reckon it is more than manageable for a few years, then I get to finally live in my little house – in a real bedroom.

The plan is to get some VELUX Blinds, to help with temperature control, the table is going off to pastures new (eBay) and I need to buy a new bed.  I am quite excited by the concept of a new bed – mine at the moment is decades old and the one I shared with my ex husband.

Happy to say goodbye to that one.

Now I am not known for my interior design, so if any other bloggers out there have some ideas to help with my mini conversion – please make your voices heard!!!


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