Getting Political

Getting Political

My Facebook feed is on fire, with less than 24 hours to go before the next election, I can see strong arguments being presented left, right and centre – for and against all parties.  There is debate, sometimes feisty, but at least it shows people care – and want to help shape the future of our nation.

For me, most people would realise I am a Labour supporter with Conservative and Liberal Democrat supporting friends.

Because for me, my focuses on this election are on the NHS and education, two public services that I interact heavily with everyday.  Both of which are being squeezed beyond belief.

Under the current government, my kids primary school has already has 13% of their funding cut, with more promised.

I don’t want that for my kids.

Take 30 seconds today to have a look at this video on school cuts.

Be prepared that the figure of 2.8 billion loss is quite a shocker.

To summarise:

£8.9bn will be slashed from schools budget by 2022

The Conservative manifesto commitment will mean £1bn funding for schools. This would result in an £8.9 billion real terms cut, when taking into account inflation and growing pupil numbers, between now and 2021/22.

The pledged £1bn would not in any case be new money – it is to be funded by cutting infant school free meals and other spending commitments.  I don’t object to paying for school meals, but I object to the £8.9 million cut – loudly!


To get individual breakdowns of what school/college budgets will look like under the main parties use . Simply enter your postcode and click on the schools in the area to get a breakdown of what a Conservative, Labour or Liberal Democrat government would mean for children and young people.  I have done mine and I am happy with where my vote is going tomorrow.

Tomorrow it is time to vote – make sure whatever your thoughts are – you actually make it to the polling station.




Featured post  facts referenced from video and web link.


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