Missing the 80’s – an era of greatness

Missing the 80’s – an era of greatness

I grew up in the eighties, started the decade as a mere three-year old and exited it as a 13-year-old who knew everything about the world.  It was a decade of neon, Madonna and Cabbage Patch kids; it was a fantastic era.

Now as I stumble towards my forties, I often find myself, as most soon to be middle-aged women do, looking back at the past with an air of nostalgia.

The 80’s were great, this is what I miss…

Blockbusters – Bloody loved a trip to the video shop to spend hour gazing at the empty VHS cases mounted on the wall, casting glances at the spooky horrors that carried an 18 rating when my mum wasnt looking. The choice was immense, but it wasnt infinite.  I can lose days working through Netflix, Amazon Prime and Sky Store only to end up watching re runs of Only Fools and Horses for the millionth time.shutterstock_363709154Image courtsey of Shutterstock

Sun-In – Didn’t need to spend a fortune on highlights in the eighties, just a quick spray and a blast of sun and we all looked the same shade of golden…. (orange).

Scott and Charlene – They set my expectation of love.  Which is probably why I didn’t manage to have a sustainable relationship until the naughties, perms and dungarees only work for some people.

The Rubix Cube – you can keep your Fidget Spinners and loom bands, we of the eighties generation had toy fads that required brain power.

Marathon Bars – Could never get on with them once they became Snickers.

4 TV Channels – At the risk of sounding decrepid, we have too bloody many now!  I can’t keep up!


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Spending days discussing who really shot JR – because it was ALL anyone spoke about (because we only had 4 TV channels.)

Having fun without having to Instagram it – because in those days, you could just have fun without inviting in the world.

Shell suits – My whole family had matching – I think it was a unique way my parents had to teach us all not to play with matches.

TeleText – the internet just took it one step too far.

Mr Frosty – the new version just simply isn’t the same – there is no way the orignal tasted that shite.

Kids today – they are missing out on an era of greatness,


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  1. May 9, 2017 / 9:24 am

    The 80’s were great….
    hahaha! I had forgotten all about Sun-In….

  2. May 16, 2017 / 9:33 pm

    Ooh, you’re the same age as me! 🙂 I remember all of what you’ve posted.
    I remember running home from school as it was Scott and Charlene’s wedding day and I couldn’t miss it, lol!
    Those were the days.

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