Getting your ass whipped by Type 1: finding a cure for 50p

Getting your ass whipped by Type 1: finding a cure for 50p

So it feels like diabetes is kicking my ass at the moment.

My type one warrior is having more than her share of bad luck.

Recent tests have shown that she is showing complications with her kidneys, it is complicated, it is more lifelong medicine, and it gives me a headache to think about and means we need to step up our fight against the crappy chronic condition.

This what not stuff I expected to face only four years after diagnosis.

It is not what I want for my daughter.

So we are fighting back!

I can’t ask anymore of her than what she already does to control her blood sugars, she is amazing, always has been. But I can fight harder to raise awareness, fundraise with more intent, shout even louder.

I’m good at that stuff.

And the kids want to be involved.

So we are going to raise money, because I want to see a cure in our lifetime.  The realistic fact is that if Molly already shows complications with diabetes, then her future will be more dominated by this condition.  I want to give my baby wings to fly with,  not curse her with a fear of a medical complication.

Stepping up (Please sponsor us!)

The kids and I will be running JDRF One Fun Run at the end of June,  it is a colour splattered obstacle race, where we will all get colourfully filthy in order to raise much needed money for JDRF.   I am asking if you have a spare 50p – please donate it – we all know how many people raise money for fantastic causes, but if you can donate just half a pound – that would be amazing!

(The link to donate to is at the end of the post.)


Rather than setting up a Justgiving site, we have set up a page with, an online crowdfunding website which launched in the UK in October 2016.  It offers lower prices than Justgiving or Gofundme.  Leetchi are fab, and got in touch to colloberate together just at the right time.  Plus they have kickstarted the sponsorship money already! proposes a fast, easy and secure way for people to club together for anything and everything, making it easy to raise funds online.
You can use it for anything where you need to collect money  – I am using it to try and collect money to do some good for what is a very personal cause.

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 6.45.49 PM


How Does Leetchi work?

In just a few clicks a user can create a personalised money pot and invite friends and project supporters to contribute. Each person can easily chip in to an online money pot by simply using their a credit or debit card.

Once money has been raised, the organiser can choose when and how they’d like to spend it. It’s 100% free to spend it on partner sites or there’s a 2.9 – 4% bank transfer fee. The money pot can also be transferred directly to the beneficiary via email.

Most Importantly: How can you support JDRF and sponsor my small people?

You can visit our page here: and pledge your 50p

Thank you



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