Days Out: Padley Gorge

Days Out: Padley Gorge

Padley Gorge is a hidden treasure in the Peak District, that the children and I stumbled upon this weekend and had a full four hours of walking and playing without a single argument.

Clearly this place has magical powers because I can’t actually remember four hours when the kids were awake that one of them didn’t threaten to maim the other.

You can find the gorge between the village of Grindleford and the A6187 road, although we started our adventure in the adjacent National Trust Estate of Longshaw where fairies can be found.

Yes really…

If you gather up a picnic, and your small people, plus an optional four-footed friend, and park the car up at Longshaw estate, you can then set off on foot on the Boggart trail through the Longshaw Estate.  My youngest bounced from fairy door to tree stump, whooping with excitement as she reaffirmed in her own mind that fairies are indeed real.

Padley Gorge


We spent a good hour running around Longshaw, hunting for fairy folk and climbing on trees.  The National Trust had also put on a half term nature hunt so we joined in, looking for bugs and flowers along the route.

The kids loved it, it was a bit of magic on a Sunday, which everyone enjoyed.

Then we crossed the road, grabbed an Ice Cream from the resident van, and headed on over in Padley Gorge.

The gorge heads down towards Grindleford and you will find a few bridges that cross it from time to time.  The kids however preferred more unique ways to climb across the water – which left my heart in my mouth several times.


If you follow the gorge down, you will find a variety of routes, all with hidden treats along the way.

If you are really lucky you may find the path which proves money does really grow on trees.


Pretty cool eh?

At the bottom of the gorge you will find yourself in Grindleford, where you will sample some of the best chips the Peak District has to offer!  Opposite the station is Grindleford cafe, where walkers can get some respite, chips and tea and the dog can have a little rest before tackling the up hill return.


You will need the fuel, as it is one rather steep hill you need to climb to get back to Longshaw!

However, once you reach the top of the hill someone has rather kindly carved out a bed of stone, so you can rest a while and catch your breath!


Make sue you celebrate reaching the top as well – all over reactions are completely welcome!


I’m typing this as the rain pours down the window outside and it is hard to believe that yesterday we were in shorts, scampering around in the sun.

Just goes to show that when the weather is kind in this country – you should get outside and enjoy it.

England is truly a beautiful place.

Make Padley Gorge somewhere you try this summer!




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  1. May 31, 2017 / 10:59 am

    Four hours without an argument?!! They need to get that on their tourist signs, they would be swamped.

    It looks like a gorgeous place to visit. I don’t know the peaks very well at all (last went there as a child) but it’s firmly on the list of things in the UK we really should explore a bit more and this spot is now firmly on the list

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