Online Shopping: Admitting you have a problem…

Online Shopping: Admitting you have a problem…

I am an addict.

There, I said it.

Not to anything that my mother would particulary disapprove of, but still a habit that is eating away at my purse strings.

Online shopping.

Click and collect.

Next day delivery.

It is simply the best invention known to mankind!

No more nipping out to the shop, most things I can wait a day for.

No more horrific times in clothes’ store dressing rooms – I can buy and try at home.

I must confess the local Postman, Hermes ladies and DPD drivers are all on first name terms.

But there are so many pretty things out there.

For example.

I am off to Rome in a couple of weeks (plenty more to come on this topic), and my nightwear is tired.  I need some new PJ’s, but I have no desire to hike into town to find myself something to sleep in.

Luckily, I have recently been approached by David Neiper, and have had a good look on their site.  The PJ issue is sorted, I have some rather swanky ones coming my way.  I haven’t scaraficed servicshutterstock_641412769e in shopping online as they offer full support online and via the phone!

Perfect for those stay at home shoppers.



I even got a bedtime cardie to match!


(And I will obviously look as fresh as the model when I wake up!)

David Napier make their clothes from the best fabrics that money can buy, selected from all over the world. They may cost more than your cheaper brands, but the quality means they will keep going for years.

You don’t have to follow my lead and aim purely for comfort, you can add a bit of sexiness in there too (those days are gone for me.) Negilees are on offer as well as some flipping awesome PJ’s and nightgowns.

And it is not all about bedtime, David Napier hosts a full range of clothes and accessories, check out their site to see the latest trends:

Happy Shopping


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