Universal Studios: Facing the fear

Universal Studios: Facing the fear

I am not going to lie, my legs were like jelly as I looked at the monstrous beast in front of me.  Either side of me, a child tugged on my arm…

“C’mon Mummy, let’s go,”

I moved my legs gingerly forward, like a kitten approaching a dog for the very first time.

Christ it was huge.

The sound like thunder roared ahead and I heard a woman scream.

Fear choked me, but the need to impress my kids, the need to show I wasn’t a coward overwhelmed me.

We walked on.

We climbed the stairs.

They chatted with excitement, I simply tried to breathe.

People were everywhere, laughing, chatting, I caught the eye of a woman my age, her face mirrored mine, we both looked like we use a Tena lady and a stiff drink.

Neither were an option.

Then suddenly, it was upon me, the monster that terrified lay straight ahead, I was secured tightly, knuckles white, my twins next to me, showing no regard for my living nightmare.

How could they not be scared.

Then I was thrust like a bullet from a gun, hair soaring behind me, exhilaration filling my lungs, my mouth open, a tribal scream emerging from it, my body looped, my heart raced, I think I smiled, I was flying of a sort, I was moving so fast, I was having fun, I was a super brave mum.

Ladies and gentleman, I rode Hulk at Universal Studios Island Of Adventures and survived!


And not only that, I went on and smashed every other roller coaster in the parks, whilst having a mini breakdown before each, each time.

It was awesome, it was terrifying, it was a once in a lifetime experience!

Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure

For any lucky soul who is friends with me on one of my social media feeds, you will have been unable to avoid the fact that a couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to take my small people on a dream trip to Orlando.  Within that trip Universal Studios invited us to come along and review their amazing parks, a job my children relished!

Words can barely even touch the sides of how much fun we had.

It was the highlight of the trip for my twin eleven year olds, they tore through the park calling out names of each movie they recognised and dove onto every ride without a thought for my terror levels.

My six year old was not to be left out, not quite tall enough for some of the fear inducing roller coasters, she satisfied her own inner adrenalin junkie by riding the fantastic ride inside Hogwarts in Harry Potter world and came face to face with Kong and loved every second!

Plus we also got to ride along side Sam I am and meet the Things, whilst partying on with the Simpsons and drinking a flaming Moes in Moes!

The two parks are designed for optimum fun, and work for families of all ages.  Numourous shows are on offer to break up the queues, and the parks are like walking on film sets.  We sat greedily eating ice creams as Doc drove by in the DeLorean.  The Penguins of Madagascar popped over to say hello, we waved happily at the parade as some well-known favourites whirled past and laughed till we cried in Shrek the Adventure.

We did both parks in two days and spent 12 hours in each, it didn’t feel like hard work, although the feet were a little sore afterwards.  I even bagged myself a new man!


What you need to know…

Firstly – if you are going to Orlando, put Universal on the list – we spent two days there, if we ever go back it will be a minimum of four.

Harry Potter fans – prepared to be amazed, and to queue.  The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is incredible.  Head there early to see the impressive sight of Hogwarts, to cast your spells on the store windows and to try Butterbeer in Hogsmeade before the crowds.



Arrive early / stay late

The crowds intensify during the midday sun, which can be hard work with kids.  We planned our trip, got to the popular rides early and enjoyed lunch and shows whilst the queues were high.  Come six pm, the crowds started to loosen and we started walking straight on some of the experiences again.

Eat with the stars

My smallest is a star hunter, armed with autograph book she squealed with excitement every time one of idols appeared in front of her.  As a treat we booked for her to have breakfast with some of TV’s finest.  Good food and great company!  Dora and Libby-Sue are friends for life.




Take lots of photos

It really is a dream trip! Enjoy every second.

Visit this summer and you can be one of the first to try out Volcano Bay, Universals new water park, we saw it in the final stages of being built and it looks incredibel.

For details on booking a dream trip with Universal please visit their site.  To spread the fun even further you can stay at one on the on site hotels which include some awesome exclusive park benefits.


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