Packing for the Perfect Road Trip (with small people)

Packing for the Perfect Road Trip (with small people)

I have never been a fan of long car journeys.


But once I gave birth to twins and then popped out another one, my dislike of long car journeys transferred into a solid hatred.

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Its just not easy, driving and parenting.  I remember when the twins were six months old and we drove from Berkshire to Yorkshire and they screamed for the entire journey.

Elite trained soldiers would have cracked under than kind of torture.

By the time I arrived at my desinatation I dove into a bottle of wine and didnt resurface for at least three hours.  The sound still haunts my nightmares.


Then there was the time when the boy twin, a few years on, decided to vomit profusely on both his sisters without any prior warning barr a “Mummy, I feel…”

The car eventually had to be sold as the memories and stench were simply too much.

But nowadays, well, after eleven years of traveling with children I consider myself a pro in making it with ease from A-Z, and I have put together a list on how to prepare and pack perfectly for your next road trip.

Road Trip Prep

  • Wine in a cool box – so if everything goes wrong, once you arrive you can pour a cold one.
  • Sick Bags, in a space where the child can reach before they ruin your upholstery.
  • Travel Potty – toddlers can’t pee accurately in coke bottles.
  • All paperwork including, rac car insurance, roadside cover, driving license, MOT etc safely filed in waterproof casing (to protect from vomit and urine.)
  • Ipads, fixed TV’s, phones, chargers – if it can provide on screen entertainment – take it.
  • Food – shed loads – and not just the pure sugar kind as that pretty much guarentees sick bag usage.  Make sandwiches, take fruit, add nibbles, throw in some treats, just keep them munching as it stops them crying.
  • Sleep masks – kids like the dark.
  • Got babies?  Have shades on the window and travel at nap-time – any other time is asking for madness.
  • Dummies – if they don’t use them you may find one comforting to suck on when times get hard.
  • Stories on CD – admittedly if I hear the tale of the Famous Five blast through my speaker once more I may do harm to Enid – but it does keep them quiet and sometimes I can block out the voices.
  • Stop for rests – you will need them, if you can get someone else to drive – make it a liquid lunch.

You are welcome!

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