Turning 40 – THE BUCKET LIST

Turning 40 – THE BUCKET LIST

There is no denying it, turning 40 is an experience that is now hurtling towards me and I simply cannot ignore that in less than six months I will no longer be a thirty something.

I will be 40.

81.5 is the current age that most Brits kick the bucket, so 40 is pretty much halfway and lord knows I have lots I need to get done whilst my body (and mind) are still strong enough to do it.

Life is for living as they say, and so the next six months need to spent ticking off a few things that I always thought I would do before I leap into the next decade.

(By the way I am actively recruiting volunteers for all of these activities  – as everything is more fun when you do it with someone else….don’t be shy, raise your hand!)

The Pre-40 Bucket List

  • Let’s start with the least popular….
    • 1000 Burpees in a row – yup, possibly the most vile thing I can think of.  For those who have never burpee’ed in your life, watch this video, then imagine doing it 1000 times, one after the other.
    • Why?  I am not entirely sure, but I don’t think life should be lived being in fear of burpees so perhaps doing a 1000 will leave me victorious (or prematurely deceased.)  Plus I will be doing it to raise money for JDRF – the childrens Diabetes charity – it is close to my heart.
    • Volunteers – don’t panic – someone has already raised their hand for this one, although more are always welcome…
  • Moving on…
    • Fly away! take to the skies and soar like an eagle.  Or a plane at least.  Last year I jumped out of a plane, this year I want to fly one!
    • planeHow cool would that be, and an amazing early birthday present (*cough*: link to buy flying lessons).  And that is not the only thing I want to do in the sky – I also want to wing walk on top of a plane – I reckon that will cure my fear of heights…..
  • Get walking…
  • Visit Rome and drink fine wines and eat great Pizza.
    • Again – I have a volunteer for this one – going to keep it a twosome, but offers are still open on burpees..
  • Run a 10k
    • It is to my great shame that it was 6 years ago that I ran my last marathon in under 4 hours thirty minutes but now struggle to run a mile.  It is time to let my body learn what it is capable of again and get those feet moving.  10k – here I come – volunteers?
  • Think of a way to celebrate turning 40!
    • Not a typical bucket list essential, but really I am stumped!  Finances are tight and a party seems off the cards, but it would be nice to do something – ideas on a postcard?

Then that is it, six months to learn to burpee like a beast, walk miles up big hills, run a bit, drink a bit and then fly through the sky.

Not much really.




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