How Big Was the World’s Biggest Easter Egg?  And More Fun Easter Facts

How Big Was the World’s Biggest Easter Egg?  And More Fun Easter Facts

Easter is less than three weeks away and our children are excited for the Easter Bunny to arrive with chocolate eggs.

Ahead of East Sunday on 16 April this year I came across a few fun facts about the big day:

  • Did you know that Easter occurs on the first Sunday following the full moon? This is why the date changes each day – usually between March 22nd and April 25th.


  • Did you know that Winter Haven, Florida, USA hosted the largest Easter egg hunt nearly a decade ago, on 1 April 2007? 9,753 children went in search of 501,000 eggs.


  • Did you know the world’s biggest Easter egg stood at 10.39 metres in height and weighed in at a staggering 7,200kg? The circumference of the egg was an incredible 19.6 metres at its widest points – imagine eating that!


  • Did you know that the largest chocolate bunny weighed a staggering 3,850kg and was made from an incredible 6,000 bars of chocolate? It was 4.1 metres in height and 1.9 metres wide.


  • Did you know that 48.1 billion Easter eggs and sweets are sold worldwide? That’s nearly seven eggs per person in the world!

More fascinating Easter facts and figures can be found on the graphic below:

Easter-Infographic (2)

This graphic was created by Busy Bees Childcare who have nurseries in Tunbridge Wells.


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