Visiting Bridlington with Saltrock

Visiting Bridlington with Saltrock

February is the new August in our house, we have made the most of the mild winter by hitting the beach whenever possible and exploring the seaside towns that are close to our doorstep.

I live by the words that there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing.

This is where Saltrock comes in…

Saltrock are a fantastic clothing brand, who offer affordable outfits for all outdoor occasions.

You can dress for the beach, even in wintertime!

I kitted out the kids in some awesome hoodies, all ready for walking adventures in Bridlington, I think you will agree they look amazing.

saltrockMany of the clothes on Saltrock’s site are on sale and you can grab armfuls of snuggly sweaters and trendy T-shirts for discount prices without compromising on quality.

Then you can ask your child to give you his best modelling pose to show them off….


Other goodies you can pick up on the site include some of these beauties below, (they did kids, menswear and womenswear!)

saltrockTime to Go Walking in Bridlington

So once the kids were kitted up in their new clothes we headed to explore on foot another northern seaside town.

For those who don’t know, Bridlington is in Yorkshire, relatively close to the bustling city of Hull.  It has a fantastic coastline and some great walks for adult and child.


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Although I dreamt of walking the dog along the cliff bath, she took one look at the beach as we arrived and gave me the imploring eyes.

IMG_1798So we walked on the beach instead…

Which meant the kids found lots of things to occupy their time (and my purse!).

Fraisthorpe Beach is a cracking beach for kids and dogs, the puppy ran wild and luckily it was quiet so she had fun romping over the dunes and it and out of the water.  We also got a tour of the town by jumping on the land train and have great fun exploring by choo choo.

The promenade is decorated with arcades in which I lost the kids into a happy zone for hours, as they shovelled 2p’s into shiny machines that sang as they played.

We watched boats sway in the wind in the harbour as we munched on ice-cream by the shore, and toyed with the idea of a boat ride but thought that may be pushing our luck with the weather.  Likewise we gave swimming  miss – am not sure the Saltrock clothes would be as cosy dripping wet.

Again, I marvelled at the splendour that lies on our doorstep in Yorkshire, and how simple seaside pleasures have become part of our wintery life.

Can’t wait to go exploring again!



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  1. March 1, 2017 / 12:39 pm

    We love Saltrock, our wardrobes are full of their gear! They are part of life in Cornwall

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