Reasons to Take the kids on a Cruise

 Reasons to Take the kids on a Cruise

The ocean spread out ahead of you, the sound of sea gulls in the sky, the feeling of the sun beating down on you as you stretch out across a reclining sun bed.

Sounds good doesn’t it.


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It is always when the nights are long, and the weather chilly, that I start to plan my next break in the sun.  I look for something that means I can have some relaxing time, the kids can be entertained, and we all have something to do in the evening.

Which is why cruising looks to be something that we will be ticking off our to do list soon.

Cruising is a fantastic way to see some far-flung destinations, you can easily book online and could find yourself floating towards the Caribbean, exploring the hidden treasures of Europe, or you could even be cavorting around the Costa Del Sol.

The choices are amazing.

But is it right for the kids?

It looks pretty spot on!

On board, you will find discos catered for small people, ping pong, quizzes, sporting challenges, and a free kids club – so you can get that well deserved rest every now and then!


Meals are made with kids in mind, so home comforts at sea are on offer, plus there are pools on board to hone those diving skills.

I’m attracted because a cruise means we get to combine a relaxing holiday with one that offers plenty to see and do.  Excursions on land mixed with sunbed snoozing on board sounds pretty ideal to me.  Most cruises have mountain bikes on board so you can explore the land by foot or by wheel, and as you are not fixed to one destination you can show the kids so much more of the world.

As sun sets on board the ship it looks like the party just gets started, with shows to suit all ages, and free-flowing cocktails and soft drinks, every member of the family is bound to have a good time.

Cruises are a great experience for kids from my research, even to the point of being educational.  You can take them wildlife spotting in the sea, dependant on where you travel will depend on what nautical creatures you can see.  They can learn standard lingo on board the ship, and of course on land, they can immerse themselves in local culture and geography!

Now I have researched, I can’t see any reason not to go!

Bring on the summer…


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  1. February 18, 2017 / 11:28 am

    My husband and I once went on a cruise. It was absolutely awesome. The food was brilliant, the staff on board were really nice. There was lots to do and lots of choice. There were organised trips or you could just go off and have your own adventure when you landed. We did a mixture of both. We were really quite adventurous and even though it was about 13 years ago we still talk about it. I’m sure your kids will totally love it. And as you said, it will give you the opportunity to relax and have an adventure. We found too, that it made clear to us which countries we would really like to go back and visit again. It was like a taster!! And, I have to say, the staff were really accommodating – it was my husband’s birthday while we were on board and they helped me make it really special for him with several surprises throughout the day.

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