Diabetic Days… High as a Kite

Diabetic Days… High as a Kite

Some days you just have to laugh.

Because, if not, the alternative is fairly miserable.

Today I am rocking the death by diabetes look.  I crawled into bed early last night after rather exuberant birthday celebrations on the Sunday.  I may have sobbed a little as I quickly tested my diabetic daughter and the metre started shouting at me.

Ok – it didn’t actually shout, but it read 18 – which in diabetic parenting world – means no sleep for me and a night of weird and wacky dreams for her.

Alarm was set for two hours later, insulin administered, and I was asleep in moments.

Her blood sugars stayed annoyingly high all night, we went from 18, to 16, to 19 with blood sugar tests every 2 hours, I was then sporting some serious duty bags under my lids this morning.  If it wasn’t for diabetes I reckon I would look at least ten years younger.

I sent her to school.

We performed a quick medical marvel before class, as in we did a cannula change, insulin change, site change.  All whilst I was ironing a shirt, making a packed lunch, doing laundry and sweeping the floor with the broom up my arse.

I thought that would solve the problem….

…Would appear thinking is not always my strong suit.

10.30am  – call from school, blood sugars of 24, and 0.6 ketones.

(For muggles – that basically translates to holy shit sugars and creeping up ketones – Mother panic set in)


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So then I collected my very high daughter from school.

Brought her home.

Stuck a needle in her leg with more insulin in it.

Then laughed, because honestly if you don’t, then this ongoing sugar war just means you’ll cry.

One thing about having a kid with diabetes is – you get to have a snap shot into what they would be like if they were really “high” when they are high.

What my daughter said when high today….

Mum, I took a test today, my blood sugars were like 20, I have flunked that baby – followed by hysterical laughter.

The teacher asked if I needed more time, I just needed the letters to stay in one place – more giggles.

Whoa I’m hungry, gimme carbs, gimme crisps, gimme food I got me the munchies…


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Mum…. I accidentally fell into the fridge and ate all the food – you need to hit Aldi, like now.

Lets have fish n chips, no pizza, hell – lets get both.

Mum, I never noticed your nose is actually like, that big  – more laughing.

Have the stairs always moved when we step on them.


Who would have thought having such crazy sugars could lead to such fun….

We are all bracing ourselves for the sugar hangover later….

But until then, I’m taking solace in the fact that despite no one having sleep, she is at least laughing about it.

And am praying something brings her down quickly….






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