Learning more with Educational Quizzes

Learning more with Educational Quizzes

I think it is the natural role of a parent to want their child to do well.  We also want them to have fun, to be confident, and to be kind.  Some of these qualities we can help with hands on, others we can simply show them the path and hope they choose the right way.

Within education, it is easier to be a more hands on help.  Academically I want my children to push themselves to be given the best platform of choice in their later years.  But whilst they are still in primary, it is important to all of us that learning is a fun and not a forced activity.  In addition, I dislike that in recent years, primary education seems to focus on literacy and maths over any other topic.  At home we enjoy more of the other topics not so heavily covered in the overwhelming curriculum that makes up the recipe for the end of primary SATS.


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This weekend we enjoyed P.E in the form of roller blading and swimming.  We worked on balance and mobility and spent much of the time holding our sides through giggles that erupted as we wobbled on wheels.  We expressed ourselves through art in making birthday cards for a friend, and even practised writing skills with the inscriptions inside.  Geography came into play as we traveled from the South of England to the North, and my eldest son pored over a map naming the towns as we zoomed past them.

They didn’t even know they were learning.

Which for me is the best way.

All of my three love working on a pc, they feed off online games, quizzes and of course Youtube!  So when I was approached to work with Educational Quizzes I was keen to see how the children would respond.

Educational Quizzes

This is a site I imagine most of my friends with school age children will like.   It has a subscription fee of £7.50 per month (which can be canceled at any point) and that covers the entire family.

The quizzes are designed to boost confidence, be educational, and fun.  But don’t be fooled into thinking you are paying to play an online version of Trivial Pursuit.  These are quizzes written by teachers, designed to accompany the curriculum and can be completed by KS1, KS2, 11 plus, KS3, GCSE revision, and ESL courses!


There are numerous quizzes on each topic, each designed to stretch the mind.  My five-year old and I tackle them together, and I leave the bigger two to just play away  – happily trying to beat each others score.  It is a match I refuse to join in, I am appalling at KS2 maths.

From a parental point of view, the site is user-friendly and easy for kids to navigate through.  They love it, and although common sense tells them they are learning the fun element of it takes over and pushes that thought to the back of their mind!

For more details and to sign up, take a look at their website: Educational Quizzes.

(Thanks to the site for commissioning this post.)


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