5 Brilliant Ways to Cook Winter Food On a Shoe-String Budget

5 Brilliant Ways to Cook Winter Food On a Shoe-String Budget

Soon, with any luck we will receive our first drop of snow,  or at least feel a winter chill in the air.  Food, clothing, and home décor have to change, If like most people you are looking to get through winter on a budget, here are some options on  how to save up more while cooking for the family.

  1. Focus on catering the family’s need with home cooked meals

Whu focus more on home cooked meals?

The answer is simple, it saves you money and you know what ingredients are being used in preparing the dish. In addition to that, there are no additives and chemicals used in the food while it is being prepared, which you would otherwise find in processed meats and other food items at the supermarket. Did you know, apart from heating your food in the oven, the oven also allows a little heat to dissipate into the area of the kitchen, keeping it warm? The extra heat is always welcoming; it lowers your energy bills too!


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  1. Stretch the loaves and meats for longer

This is one of the best ways to cook and preserve your meats and breads for a longer time. Should you have a loaf of bread at home, which hasn’t been eaten for a day or two and has a little moss growing on it- worry no more!

Instead of buying a new loaf, what you can do is to scrape the moss away, sprinkle a little water on the hard loaf of bread and wrap it in an aluminum foil. Place the bread in the oven for ten seconds and on medium heat.

After ten seconds are up, the bread will be as fresh as oven baked.

Marinate your meats and keep them in the freezer. Stretching their life span is the aim here; however, the more you keep the meat marinated, the tastier it gets!

  1. Use a slowcooker

A slowcooker is an awesome way to cook on a budget.


With the help of a slowcooker, the liquid levels of the meat stay pretty high, this helps to keep the meat soft, supple and juicy. You can take the extra stock from the meat, save it and freeze it; then when you are ready,  you could use herbs and veggies to form a soup or a healthy winter broth!


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  1. Cook on a Sunday for the whole week

Side-dishes, curries and sauces can be cooked once a week in bulk and kept for the whole week. This will help save energy bills, grocery bills and your own energy too. Make portions in a large bowl and freeze them all. Use as and when you want to grab a bite with family and friends, and focus on cooking your breads or rice the other days around!

  1. Shop using discount coupons and codes

This is the best way to keep your shopping bills in check, and bring down the winter cooking costs at home. Whether you are looking to buy a uber-chic spice rack or daily use foods such as pasta or pulses, be future-ready and stock up on essentials well in advance by buying on Kohls.com. For shoppers who wish to have more for less, browse through their exhaustive list and bring home in bulk all the dry items your kitchen needs.

Wondering how you’ll save while buying in bulk?

Well, if the discounts and additional savings for Kohl’s at ChameleonJohn are available at such tempting price, we see no reason why you shouldn’t stock up for winter ahead. Sign up for Kohl’s deal alerts today and worry no more for the buying spree ahead!

We hope these five tips feed everyone to their satisfaction at home. Should you have your own ideas to share, do write in!

Happy holidays everyone!

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