Lions, and Tigers, and Minions!?!

Lions, and Tigers, and Minions!?!

This weekend was a whole host of fun.  It was a treat for the family and another short piece of time to be preserved in the family memory banks.

The kids and I went to the zoo….

And we had a sleepover….


Well it was work!

Sort off.

I have been working with Frubes this Summer who have been taken over by Minions – am sure you have noticed the packaging has changed and a new, awesome banana flavour has been released onto the market.

Frubes invited us to join them at Whipsnade Zoo, to join them on a sleepover, to see the animals, and to hunt for Frubes and Minions.


How it went…

It was incredible,  we stayed in lodges overnight right by the Rhino enclosure and were treated to three tours of the park whilst the zoo was officially closed.

The Lookout lodges are cosy and compact but such a great alternative to camping, the four of us fitted in perfectly with space for lots of minion related goodies. The children were delighted with their living space for the evening and I loved sitting out in the sun, sipping on my wine whilst the children ran around playing with their blogging friends.


A moment outside from the PR event, and the zoo.  What made this weekend so great was watching my daughter play with her new BFF – the lovely GG, from actuallymummys blog.  Both girls have Type 1 diabetes, both are warriors, both seemed to love the sensation of having company in their condition….

Watching them compare blood sugars, play, eat, inject, finger prick, eat some more.

It is just humbling as a parent.

And of course, whilst they got to chat, I got to catch up with my friend, and chat about life as a diabetic parent with someone who understands…


The tours

Staying at the Lookout lodges at Whipsnade allows you access to three special tours of the park, the first takes you around the lions and tigers as they settle down for the night.  Then after a fabulous feast, you head back out into the park as the sun sets and the lions start to roar.  Walking around the zoo after dark is incredible, the flamingos seem to glow, the wolves comes out to play and the sounds of the zoo are intense.

And of course we bumped into these fellas…


After a good nights sleep we were treated to an early morning visit to feed some of the animals.  With no one else in the zoo, we got to feed some of the animals, the chimps being the highlight of the show.

Once the children were told the chimps could throw pooh, they were fascinated and hung on every word of the keepers.

Then we got to explore the zoo for the rest of the day…





It was a fantastic day, loved by all.

A huge thanks to Frubes for inviting us and Whipsnade Zoo for hosting us!

Frubes are giving you the opportunity to win ‘Minions of Prizes’ with special on-pack Minion Vision Goggles until 31 October 2015, check out the banana flavour!

Our weekend break at Whipsnade was made possible thanks to Frubes and the zoo. 

Find more details on the Lookout Lodge sleepover experience at Whipsnade here.

 A sleepover at the zoo experience is available from late March until October and costs £378 for a family of four, including tours, meals, and a two-day entry pass to the zoo.



  1. August 10, 2015 / 1:58 pm

    Honestly Jane I love how well those girls get on together. I suspect they only talked about diabetes for about 3 minutes, and then only to describe it as ‘a bit crap,’ and to scare each other with ‘mine was higher than yours’ stories 🙂
    It was such a fab event, made all the better for having you guys there. Let’s do it again!

  2. sara
    August 25, 2015 / 10:15 am

    Nice ! Its remember my childhood days. sulekha daycare

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