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Individual Moments; One I will never forget….

Parenting can be such a joy, such an honour, and it is hard to keep track of the many individual moments that make up a lifetime.

Tonight I was witness to such a moment….

BB is a Daddy’s girl, all day today she has paced the floors asking when Daddy will be home; she has told me with all the seriousness of a two year that ‘Daddy is out working, doing very important things.’  She has stared out of the front window searching for his car, jumping at the noise of an engine and using willpower to bring her father back.

As the clock ticked towards six her wish was granted and four wheels crunched onto the driveway.  Like a jumping jack she bounced on her feet unable to contain the flows of excitement tumbling out of her.

“He’s home, he’s home,” she squealed, “Daddy’s home.”

As his foot stepped through the door she pounced on him, giggling in sheer happiness as he whirled her round and round, as pleased to see her as she was to see him.

A glass of milk and a quick bath later I peered into her room to see the pair of them intently reading Sleeping Beauty and smiled as I saw her little body fold into his.  Swallowing any feelings of jealously I watched as he stroked her face with an absent mind and filled her head with tales of princesses, weddings and happily ever afters.

I watched silently as the story drew to a close and he lifted her in his arms and held her tight.

I watched as he raised her up so they were eye to eye and asked her for a bedtime kiss.

I watched as they leaned in together lips pursed ready to touch.

Then I watched as her tummy hiccupped and she vomited, straight into her Daddy’s mouth.

Some individual moments, I am sure we will never forget.

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  1. Mwhahahahahahahahaha. Best ending ever.

  2. Ha! Brilliant!!

  3. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Poor fella. x

  4. Best ending ever. Hahaha! Brilliant.

  5. Hahaa oops!! :)

  6. Ha ha….:-)

  7. Priceless!!

  8. Ok, I may have just spat over my laptop reading that last line! I do hope you had a camera. I bet she’s still daddy’s girl though isn’t she?

  9. Oh my god. She did not!? Must have been all that gushy princess crap he was filling her head with! ;)

  10. And was Daddy then sick too?

  11. Helloitsgemma says:

    Do I detect delight in the sharing?

  12. Gross! I was a real Daddy’s girl

  13. Love it! I did similar to my Dad when on a boat once – begged and begged for a cuddle with him just so I could go and be sick on him then go straight back to mummy (I was only young!). Girls are clever you know ;)

  14. LOL that didn’t half make me chuckle.
    I do love the excitement of daddy coming home mind.

  15. awww sharing is caring :-)


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