Cross Country Competition

Cross Country Competition

The twins have their next cross country meet on saturday.  We have started prepping already, porridge for breakfast and pasta for tea and lots of fruity goodness in between to ensure we have optimum carb and cal ratio to power those little legs.

Nothing better that legging it round a freezing cold field on a saturday morning to build stamina.

I have noticed at these races that some parents are covering their children in skin tight lycra and long sleeved shirts designed to keep their youngster warm.

Not I…

My kids rock up in navy uniform shorts, a pair of nike trainers from JD Sports, and a running vest – the type with no sleeves…

If they are freezing their knackers off then they will nip round that field faster giving me a better chance of going home with a medal.

The last few races have not gone in our favour.  Twin boy has managed to come in the top 10 each time but he loses interest at the end of the race as his legs turn to ice and he crawls to the finish allowing lycra lads to whip pass him.  Twin girl; despite all my 6am training, just seems to be struggling.  Last race she paused to test her blood sugar levels and then eat some sweeties and limped over the line shockingly close to the back.  I know it must have been the hypo talking when she grumbled “I hate cross country anyway.” As no child of mine can lack the competitive gene.

For Saturday I have a plan, I notice both of mine shift faster when desperate for the loo and if cold hard cash is on offer.

I am filling them with water at the start and holding a tenner in each palm at the end.

I will also be dressed head to toe in neon so they don’t miss me whilst using a megaphone to motivate them on.

My husband suggested this could be a little full on…  I just don’t think he wants to part with the tenners.

Wish me *cough*, sorry, them good luck!

Go Team Blackmores….


Brought to you in association with JD Sports – all my own words!


  1. Charlie
    March 1, 2013 / 7:10 am

    Are you sure it’s warmth and not some kind of compression layer, muscle supporting, aerodynamic skin suits the other kids are wearing? I think they are pretending to be caring but actually are just being ultra competitive and sneaking an edge there! You might want to get in on that action! 🙂

  2. March 1, 2013 / 11:03 am

    I think you should join in the parents race, just so we could hear the funny post coming after!

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