Review: Move over Pac-Man; welcome The Book of Spells…. ~ Northernmum

Review:  Move over Pac-Man; welcome The Book of Spells…. ~ Northernmum

I have always been a technical genius, in my youth I terrified the flashing ghosts in Pac Man and Tatanga cowered in his boots whenever I switched on Super Mario Land on my bite sized GameBoy.

However, somehow during my youth I lost my passion for Atari and found boys instead; I became disconnected from the digital world but very well connected with short skirts and bright red lip stick.

And the world changed, I blinked and suddenly virtual reality had been and gone and in its place was some fantastic technology that had completely changed the land of Pac Man.

Enter stage right: The Wonder Book of Spells from Sony.  Myself and twin girl sat in Sony HQ this weekend testing and reviewing this new must have game for all Harry Potter fans.  Twin girl became instantly immersed in a land of fantasy where you actually become one with the game and I sat behind her, wiping away slobber with the back of my hand as I marvelled at what was happening on the screen before me.

Book of Spells is augmented reality gaming, for those die hard Pac Man fans reading this – let me explain….

The game goes in the Play station and the camera fixes on the player, the player (in our case twin girl) then appears on the screen inside the game and she gets to control the Book of Spells with her real life Potter wand.


Watch this short video of my children playing the game live. (Apologies for shaky video, bossy daughter and very loud child at the end!)


Northernmum: Book of Spells


The game responds to voice, image and movement so the kids really are part of the whole experience.  The game itself is true to the books so any JK Rowling fans will instantly become entertained with familiar voices, people and scenes.

The game allows wannabe Hogwarts students to read and learn and practise spells from the Potter movies, such as Incendio, Wingardium Leviosa and Expelliarmus.  Twin girl literally howled with laughter when she levitated a jar of eyeballs and then dropped it, throwing round whites of eyes all over the screen and flicking them at my mirror image.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a Potter lover this Christmas I can only recommend the Book of Spells.

Book of Spells draws in both child and adult alike, its intense version of reality is so vibrant one cannot help but become addicted.

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