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Parenting: Holidaying with children: Simple, sexless and satisfying…..

We spent the weekend on a “mini-break”.  For anyone reading this who doesn’t have children let me quickly rip out the images of a luxury spa hotel set amid rolling hills of green, then let me introduce the picture of caravan after caravan set amongst flumes, playparks and arcades.

It was on this break that I embarked upon a voyage of self discovery.

I have discovered a host of things I can’t do.

1. Archery : unless the target is the green tarp at the back…

2. Swim dolphin style: I nearly beached myself when twin girl tried to show me how to flip like flipper…

3. Have holiday sex (those little vans have a telling shake…)

However my children have discovered a whole host of stuff they can do..

Twin girl can build sand castles even when rain is dripping from the heavens.  Twin boy can miss every shot at archery until it is the one that really matters.  And BB can climb stairs in a spica and  fly down a slide.

They all manage to bypass sleep in favour of watching chaps dressed in giant costumes rock and roll around a stage and they can all moan for Britain the next day when overtiredness threatens to consume them.

The weekend has been just what the doctor ordered, its been simple, sexless and satisfying.  The weather misbehaved but fun was had by everyone involved.

But the very best thing?

Sitting on Monday, hiding from the rain in a multi-coloured softplay outlet in Dorset my blackberry started to buzz with a fury.  Pretending to my family that I was hunting in my bag for a treat I quickly checked the screen and the words I saw made my eyes fill until the tears dripped down my cheeks.

This was the email…

“Owing to her progress BB has been booked in a week early for her cast removal

She is booked in for Monday 30th April – day care ward.

 I will write and confirm

I didn’t realise how much BBs journey had affected me until that moment, I didn’t realise how, like all mothers, I want my child healthy and well, and I didn’t realise how much I want to feel her little legs wrapped around me once more and how much I long to see her toddle.

It was a good weekend.


The children in the caravan - 7 days left in spica for BB


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  1. Yay, way to go! Best wishes for Monday.

  2. Yay, brilliant news! :-)))

  3. Oh brilliant news! All the best for Monday x

  4. I’m so pleased for you!!

    What a brilliant end to a traditional family holiday.

  5. Oh Jane that’s fabulous news…about BB that is, not about the lack of holiday nookie! x

  6. That is very very very happy news. It’s even cheered me up!

  7. So glad you had a good time away and that your BBs cast is coming off. I feel all warm and fuzzy.

  8. Oh my god…. Wooohooo!!! That’s only 6 days away. Brilliant news, So happy for you!

  9. Carly Morson says:

    What a lovely post xx

  10. that’s brilliant news Jane…certainly makes up for the lack of sex hey! x

  11. Shame about the lack of caravan rocking but woohooo to the early appointment! I can’t imagine how much you must be looking forward to it! x

  12. Will be thinking of BB on Monday xxx

  13. Helloitsgemma says:

    *sniff* yay for BB. Well done you for surviving a caravan.

  14. Aww that is lovely news! Good luck to BB for Monday. Sorry to hear about the lack of holiday sex; I know the feeling LOL

  15. Great news re Monday! And LOVE the pigtails!! Too cute! Liz xx P.S Down with Farmville! x

  16. What fabulous news, BB is such a little star. No wonder it has affected you.

    Glad the mini break was good. MIch x

  17. Thanks Mich

  18. that’s great news, I hope it goes well on Monday. x


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