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DDH: Farewell spica – Northernmum

Today started like any other; twin boy bounded in the room at 6.04 gleefully excited to be awake and not worried about who he woke up in his wake.  BB yawned next to me and chanted “hullo” to her big dopey brother and then cheerfully latched back on.  He who helped create them snoozed loudly beside and twin girl bellowed from the bathroom that the loo roll was gone and she had done a poo….

I fought to ignore the mayhem building around me until BB’s spica cast caught me sharp in the ribs and brought me to my senses.

Today was the end, after eleven long weeks which started with surgery, seizures and a blood transfusion, the end of life in spica was virtually moments away.

My excitement burned through me and in my state of hyper anxiousness I turned into manic mummy as I flew through the house washing pots, cleaning shoes, shouting at children and cleaning up puppy piddle.

Then I blinked and found myself back in the place of hope and sadness, BB lay afore me bound in cast in her hospital cot with a hint of fear sparkling behind her pretty green eyes.  A strange man approached, in his hand he held the worlds largest pair of scissors and taking a deep breath he began to cut.

With each snip BB relaxed a little more, as the spica eased on her waist she smiled the sweetest of smiles.  She gurgled a giggle as the cold of the blade gently tickled at her skin and at the end she thanked the man who had set her free (choosing not to remember it was he who had bound her in the first place).

X-Rays confirmed success and the smile that was tentatively playing on BB’s lips spread like a Cheshire grin across my mouth and I watched with un concealed happiness as he who helped create them scooped his little girl close to his chest in a body crushing hug.

My Libby-Sue has her legs back,  I cannot even begin to convey the emotion that has washed over me today, I can’t describe the laughter that erupted when moments after her bandages were removed she managed to sit, just for a moment.

My rational brain tells me the road we have travelled in the last three months is chicken feed compared to what other parents face.  For that I am truly thankful.

Now I am off to love and hug my smallest some more….

BB 10 minutes after spica removal


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  1. Enjoy those hugs

  2. yay so pleased, brave BB for smiling whilst they unut the cast :D

  3. absolutely the BEST kind of post to read – so happy for you and your family

  4. Tears of happiness here, tinged with my own saddness that Erin has to go back into cast. DDH is tough, it may be chicken feed comapred to what many others edure. But this is still tough for us. xx BB has done so well and I hope beyond belief that mother nature takes over now and that little hip continues to grow and develop as was intended.

    • northernmum says:

      Dont get me wrong, DDH has been the hardest thing I have ever faced as a parent and I am bloody glad to (touch wood) see the back of it. Fingers crossed in 8 weeks you will say the same! xxxx

      couldnt have got through it without you x

  5. lovely news, well done to you all..have a fab time celebrating!!

  6. Yes yes and yes! Wonderful news – so so pleased that it is off early and looks succesful

  7. Wonderful wonderful wonderful! So happy for you all :-)

  8. I cried with joy too.Jayne you’ve all been through so much I wouldn’t call it chicken feed at all.

  9. Tears of joy here too. I loved when ” he who helped create them” scooped her up, melted my heart. Congratulations, hope she comes on leaps and bounds now x

  10. wow Brilliant news Jane.

  11. Didn’t stop thinking of you today. Didn’t want to hassle you on the text as I knew you’d be more than busy, but I was there with you in spirit. I’m SO pleased she is cast-less. SUCH good news. I love that little girl of yours. xxx

  12. Whopp whoop!! That is just brilliant news….enjoy all those hugs xxx

  13. Best news I’ve heard for a long time, I’m delighted for you my lovely. xxx

  14. Great news and so happy for you that it is all well now.x

  15. Fab news!!

  16. I haven’t commented in ages but saw this post and had to add my good wishes too xx

  17. Yay! Big hugs, and I can’t wait to see you on Wednesday. x

  18. Bless her. Lovely news. Enjoy those hugs. You’ve waited long enough for this day. xx

  19. That’s such great news. It seems to have gone really fast – not sure if it felt that way to you. So pleased she was so relaxed for the removal – onwards and upwards!

  20. Oh, lovely lovely news!! So pleased this day has finally arrived for you :) And such a huge smile on her gorgeous face – fantastic xx

  21. Congratulations!!! That is wonderful news, and a photo to treasure. Having seen what she can manage with a cast, I’m looking forward to reading about unrestrained mayhem in the next few weeks xxx

  22. Such amazingly wonderful news! Sending great big northern hugs to you all xxxx

  23. Such a wonderfully uplifting post. I’m so pleased to read this today and send my very best wishes.

    CJ x

  24. Thanks cj x x

  25. Wonderful news, you must be so relieved. Gorgeous pic, what a brave little thing x

  26. Brilliant news!!!! Hope you all had an amazing day and she is up and about very soon xx

  27. What wonderful news and it must have been an incredible feeling for both you and BB.

  28. BB looks so happy and proud of herself, glad you had a good day and hope everything gets better for you all now x

  29. Flippin eck! Have you counted these comments???? Did you actually know before today just how many people cared? I left you one on facebook but when I saw how many people have commented today I had to add to them! Congrats! I hope she loses her aches and bruises quickly and gets back up on her feet soon :)

  30. That’s just wonderful news! I am so pleased for BB. Fingers crossed going forwards. Hip hip hooray (pardon the pun). I hope everything develops well now.

  31. So happy for BB and for you that it all went well! Wonderful news to brighten the day!

  32. I’m all tearful now. Congratulations to you all xxx

  33. Caroline says:

    I was ok until you described he who helped create them hugging her, I’m all teary now. Couldn’t be happier for you all x

  34. That is fabulous news!

  35. Amy Le Pelley says:

    Wonderful news, I look forward to seeing pics of Libby-Sue leaping about! x

  36. What brilliant news, my little girl was diagnosed with mild DDH at 5 months, the left joint was shallow rather than dislocated. She had a brace briefly but didn’t tolerate it so it was removed. At her last appointment there was improvement and they are almost sure she won’t require further intervention, we are back next month for review.

    I am in absolute awe of parents who cope with the surgery and spica, I’m not sure if it was the route we had to take I would have managed anywhere nearly as well as you have. x

  37. *punching the air* brilliant x

  38. Yay, fantastic :-) You guys all did good, especially BB. Now may a smoother road be ahead for you all xxx

  39. That is such good news. My little girl was born with bilateral talipes and had to start her treatment with full leg casts when she was three weeks old. It’s such a relief when they don’t have to wear those any more although I remember my daughter being a little unsettled for the first couple of days cast-free because she wasn’t used to it (got out of that pretty quickly though!). Her treatment involved going from leg casts into a boots and bar brace and could stay under review up until the age of five. It’s a long ol’ journey but worth it if the condition can be corrected x

  40. oh wow that is fab news. I was on traction and in casts for most of my early life and have posted about it on my blog so totally understand 100% what you are going through. So glad she has her legs back and you can give her that big squeezy cuddle! xxx

  41. Helloitsgemma says:

    I am so so so crap. Taken me days to catch up and now I’m reading everything in the wrong order. Sorry , I’m such a rubbish mate. X

  42. Oh WOW, what an incredibly beautiful post. The way you describe the day, and the juxtaposition of what was about to happen. So beautiful, a perfect post I think to have as a favourite! Thank you so much for linking up.
    Amanda recently posted..What was you favourite post of 2012?My Profile

  43. What a lovely post; it brought tears to my eyes.
    Joanne Blunt recently posted..Another year overMy Profile

  44. what a lovely post and what a special moment x
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