Movie Magic

No feeling like it…

You know how life is never like the movies and sometimes well wouldn’t it be nice if life just bore some resemblance to a disney film.  Well I have found my slice of the cinematic pie. Try this exercise at home and see if you can also get a bit of movie magic.  

Take child or children outside for a walk. Walk for a while, hopefully the cries of ‘my legs hurt’ or ‘carry carry’ will be kept to a minimum.  After a while allow them to walk on ahead. Wait until a reasonable distance has been created (not too far if you don’t want to lose them). Then stop walking, crouch on the floor, open your arms wide and call their name…

Movie magic,

My two come hurtling towards me arms out like eagles soaring through the skies.  Twin girl chooses to bury her head in her special spot between my shoulder and neck and whispers ‘I love you mummy’ and twin boy goes more for the airport reunion scene and throws himself into my arms and jumps forcing me to leap up and swirl him round bringing massive giggles from us both.

There is nothing better for me on this earth than cuddles with my children.

I love my kids



  1. January 6, 2011 / 6:10 pm

    I do that with The Boy and I love it

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