Hairy experience at soft play

I am starting to worry I may have an addiction as I find myself again in yet another soft play centre. Albeit this one is a slightly classier joint as it is in a garden centre and the menu offers slightly more than chips, chips and chips.

 Twin boy and twin girl are gleefully beating each other up and running to tell tales whilst baby and one who helped create her are off looking at plants. That leaves me with my tea slightly embarrassed at the fact that in no way do my shoes coordinate with my outfit, but they were easiest to reach and we were in a hurry!

Had such a sad moment this morning, twin girl is going through a stage of wanting to wear clothes like mummy. Not an easy task as she shops in Tesco and I prefer Next. So today we are both modelling an elasticated skirt (mine is maternity, shameful but allowed me to enjoy the full english breakfast more comfortably!) A T-shirt and a cardie. Twin girl admired us both in the mirror and then her face fell. When I enquired what was wrong she told me with four year old certainty. ‘we both look really beautiful but I am not so beautiful because I have hair coming out of my legs and you don’t’.

Where does a four year old get this from? My heart almost broke. She can’t get it from me because quite honestly it is rare for mummy not to have hairs coming out of her legs too. How quickly they lose their innocence and the rules of how we should look and act kick in. The twins start school next week and I know I will lose more of their ‘baby’ habits. They may even learn that when the ice cream van plays its music it doesn’t mean that it has ran out of mr whippy! So I have tried to reassure her that hairs on your legs don’t matter but I don’t think she bought it so I have promised her I will grow mine as well! Last time I wear a skirt this year then….

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